Why Writing Can Keep You Sane

This world can be so demanding, crazy, and horrible. Plus, the grass is always greener on the other side. Sometimes we wish for different lives, for different bodies, and to have other people around us. Don’t tell my cat I said that. She thinks she’s a person.

We don’t have magic wands that can alter these things for us. There is very little that can help us escape and at the same time let us EXPERIENCE in such ways that books can. There is magic in that. Really, writers are just wizards and witches. Our black cats roll on our keyboards while we cackle at the misfortune of our characters. There are amazing people that we get to know, that we get to be, in worlds that are just as real as this one. They teach us, they make us laugh, cry, swoon. Books are portals to so much more than that one thing…escape.

When the world becomes too much, there’s only one thing that can save me. All I have to do is dive into a story.

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