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It’s always fun to challenge yourself, especially when it means you get to unleash all your creativity. Even if it means you get some creativity into your eye. Just don’t blink and it will go away. Below are some creative challenges of which you must execute at least three. If you spot any that are particularly outside your comfort zone, make sure you do those. How else is your comfort zone going to get any bigger? Push yourself, even though it’s really hard because of the position of your hands in relation to the rest of your body.


  1. Type a scene using only your left hand for three minutes straight.
  2. Write a paragraph while keeping your eyes closed. Make sure you add the word “anthropomorphism”.
  3. Write a scene while subtly incorporating seven colours. Let someone read it and ask if they notice anything about it. If they notice the excess amount of colours, you lose. Do an extra challenge.
  4. Write a dialogue in a language you don’t know. It may be invented or google translate may be used.
  5. Describe a character’s hometown but use only one finger when typing and you can’t go back and correct any errors. You also can’t make more than seven mistakes or you lose the challenge and have to do another one.
  6. Write a sex scene. You have to add the word ”penguin”.
  7. Share the result of one of these challenges in the comments below.
  8. Describe a fight between two characters who are both drunk. One of them thinks he’s fighting a pink flamingo.
  9. Write a conversation between a character who wants to hire a contract killer and a character who is a maid, but is mistaken for a hitwoman. Here’s the kicker, you have to write it WHILE being on the phone with someone.
  10.  Write about a character’s struggle to open a package. It can be anything, but of course, it has to be evil and resilient enough to make the character want to burn the entire thing. Go into agonising detail. Make any potential reader willing to throw themselves out of a tower.
  11. Write a paragraph about elephants without ever using the letter ‘e’.

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