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Writing Prompts: SOLVE THIS

I have always loved a good mystery. It is therefore no surprise that I ended up writing them. Solving something is always highly rewarding, whether it’s a puzzle or a crime. Though I’d rather stick to fictional crimes. So pick a side-kick, put on your thinking cap, and let’s solve these mysteries.

  1. A Lost Letter
    You find a letter addressed to you in your mailbox. The letter isn’t signed and contains only two words. “Help me.” What happens next?
  2. Game of Gnomes
    You find that your precious garden gnomes have gone missing over a span of a few days. First one disappeared and then the next, until all of them were gone and your garden became a lonely patch of grass. You plan on finding them and taking them back. What happens next?
  3. Murder, She Cried
    Your friend shows up on your doorstep, crying. She shouts about a murder that has been committed but when you and the local constable go the the place where it happened, there’s nothing to be found. No body, no crime. And nobody believes her. Except for you. What happens next?
  4. Diagnosis Oh-Oh
    You work at a hospital as a nurse. When one of your colleagues ends up dead in the stockroom, you think it’s murder. Why? And what do you do next?
  5. J’accuse
    Your hated co-worker with whom you had a fight the day before, ends up murdered. A strand of your hair is found near the body and the police are looking at you for the murder. Luckily, you can prove your alibi, but it’s not watertight and you are still a suspect. You have to clear your name before the whole village turns their back on you, or worse, you go to jail. What do you do next?

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