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Writing Prompts: Being Thankful

You are born with nothing but your body, so anything in addition to that is a gift, something to be thankful for. And anything you lose, isn’t really lost because it’s not really something that was yours to begin with. Sometimes it helps when I think of that and it does make me a more thankful person than I was before. There are certain things most people will be thankful for, but does that mean you should always be thankful? Even for hardships? Maybe. But let’s see how your characters handle it…

  1. Your character finally gets promoted. It has been her/his dream for a long time. However, soon things turn out not to be as great as she/he would have thought. Why? And how does your character respond?
  2. Your character has always learned to take things as they come, but when he or she falls head over heels with someone who is already taken, they are beginning to rethink this philosophy. What is their plan? And how does the other person react?
  3. A group of friends who haven’t seen each other in a while, go out to have dinner. They feel lucky to still consider themselves friends, and spirits are high. They get even higher when the alcohol is taking their toll and they become a bit too honest with each other. Perhaps there is a reason they haven’t seen each other in a while.
  4. Your character is ecstatic when they get a pet for their birthday. They are incredibly disappointed when they see what kind of a pet it is. Still, this pet proves to be quite special. How?
  5. When your character is stranded on a train station, it turns out that it’s a blessing in disguise. Why? What happens?


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