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As you may have noticed about me, I’m a planner junkie. It all started when I discovered the bullet journal and fell in love. I now have one for work and I also have teacher binder (Filofax clipbook), but I no longer used a bujo for my personal life. I forgot to write in it for weeks in a row and called it quits. Now I’m back into it again and ordered a binder that I’ll use for personal stuff, including writing.

I do find that logging my writing achievements and goals helps me. I’m not just talking about putting it in your weekly spread, but actually have a separate page dedicated to this novel and its chapters. The first time I just wrote the title and squares with the chapter numbers in it. Then as I finished them, I coloured them in to indicate they were finished. It helped tremendously with motivation. Now I have one for my current WIP but have added doodles. The fun thing is that you can be as creative as you want.

Writing is a very creative endeavour and I find that when I use it with other creative activities it only makes me more excited. In case you just got into planning, or you want to generate some ideas, here’s a list of how you can use a planner/bujo for your writing:

  • keeping track of WIPs (and progress)
  • logging word count
  • brainstorm page
  • drawing characters
  • collage (aesthetic)
  • list of agents (and queries)
  • plans for getting published, step by step
  • blog post ideas
  • tracking published posts and views
  • social media plan
  • plotting

If you can think of anything else, add a comment. If you’re already a planner junkie, what do you use yours for? Do you also use it for writing and if so, do you notice a difference compared to pre-planning life?

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