Writing Prompts

Writing Prompts: Scene Starters

The next few lines are the opening lines for a scene. It’s up to you where you take it. Have fun.

  • “You said you loved me.”
  • The one thing I hadn’t counted on, was dying.
  • When in doubt, pick the gun.
  • “Why do you smell like death?”
  • If only I was better at keeping secrets.
  • “Is that blood or wine?”
  • “Is that your knife or are you happy to see me?”
  • How did I always get myself in these situations?
  • “I’m cursed.”
  • “Did you just shoot me?”
  • “Why are you crying?”
  • “Is he d-dead?”
  • It only takes one mistake.
  • “What are you doing?”
  • Did I just die?

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