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Writing Prompts: Autumn

The weather outside is dreary and gloomy. Leaves are starting to fall and rain occasionally taps against the windows. I love it. Soon it will get colder and we’ll be forced to snuggle under blankets while we drink hot chocolate. Naturally, these next writing prompts are related to autumn. Be sure to focus on the setting when you’re writing these scenes.


You’re late for an important job interview and rush out of the door. You’re halfway down the street when it’s starting to pour. You’re wearing your finest outfit but have no umbrella. Just as you’re about to contemplate running back home when your arch-nemesis shows up and offers you a lift as well a mocking smile. What happens next?


It’s Halloween and you have done your best to dress up as your favourite monster. When the doorbell rings it’s a vampire who claims you are the only who can help him. What happens next?


It’s a rainy afternoon and you’re enjoying a steaming mug of hot chocolate and a good book. There’s a crash coming from your bedroom and when you go to investigate your mirror is lit up in a strange way and a young woman is lying on the floor. She gets up when she sees you, apologises and jumps right through the mirror. You barely even think about your next move and follow her. What happens next?


You’re collecting leaves in the woods, enjoying the autumn colours when all of a sudden you’re face to face to a man that looks like he’s from the 1800s. What happens next?


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