Welcome to my website! Thank you for stopping by. I spend almost every day on virtual pages with imaginary, though extremely fun & quirky characters. It is my way of connecting with something deeper than just the world and people I see around me. I want this website, however, to be a place where I can connect with YOU.

The My Blog section leads you through a magical portal and to my blog, as you may have guessed. Yes, that was hardly a mystery, unlike most of my novels. My blog is sprinkled with writing tips, books I’ve read, writing prompts, and me talking about my life as a writer. I have an MA in Creative Writing so I know my stuff, though I mostly write about my personal experiences. Every writer is different, and that’s a good thing. I write mysteries because I love puzzles. Sometimes those mysteries are cosy, sometimes they fall under speculative fiction.

Under the My Novels section you find information about my stories and News is where put all kinds of interesting articles about murder mysteries, books in general, and writing.

I’d love to hear from you and if you want to see something on this site or simply want to see hi, feel free to Contact Me. Here’s a virtual cookie and enjoy my website!