Welcome to my website! Thank you for stopping by. I considered writing this bio in the third person, but my other voices wouldn’t let me.
My name is Morgan W. Silver. I have a BA in English Language and Culture and a Master’s degree in Creative Writing. Which means I have a license to write, and it will be extra awkward if I make spelling eroiers. *giggles*

All my novels contain mysteries, but the subgenres may differ. There are, however, always shenanigans and quirky characters, as well as a dash of romance. I’m writing the series Maggie’s Murder Mysteries, the Monday Moody series, and I’ve written The Exciting Life of a Minor Character.

Mostly I just hope that my characters don’t figure out that I’m not actually a cactus that mysteriously pops up everywhere. It’s not a very good disguise, I give you that, but I can be prickly in the morning, so I’ve had some practice.

My blog is sprinkled with writing tips, books I’ve read, query tips, writing prompts, and me talking about my life as a writer. I love motivating other writers and if you have any questions or want a new writer friend, contact me.

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Write on. Here’s a virtual cookie and enjoy my website!

Morgan W. Silver

Looking for a Great Book to Read? Look No Further!

Claire is sick of being a Minor Character. She despises the fact that the most exciting thing that’s happened to her in four long years has been answering a phone. She wants her own story, she wants more lines, and most of all, she wants adventure. Even if that means killing her Main Character. Unfortunately, only the Author has the power to kill Characters, but Claire will not be deterred by logic and facts. Then, even though it’s not supposed to be possible, someone is murdered in Character Central. It causes a widespread panic worse than the time they had a lemon shortage. After all, only the Author should have the ability to kill a Character. With the threat of multiple victims as well as Erasure for all Characters, Claire must team up with the Main Character she wants to bring down. If all else fails, she may even have to take it up with the Author.

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