Time Travel Writing Prompts

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Get your ink jar ready because we’re about to dip our characters into a time travel scene. You can use existing characters or create new ones for this small exercise. It may lead to a novel, it may not. That’s not the point. The point is to have fun with words. #1 Your character catches […]

March 24, 2019

Journals And Writing

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As you may have noticed about me, I’m a planner junkie. It all started when I discovered the bullet journal and fell in love. I now have one for work and I also have teacher binder (Filofax clipbook), but I no longer used a bujo for my personal life. I forgot to write in it […]

March 10, 2019

The Plotting Stage

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Usually I am a combination of a plotter and a pantser, but lean more towards pantsing. That’s because I usually find that my characters know where to go. All I have to do is watch them and write it down. The plotting stage can be incredibly fun, because this is when you decide all the […]

February 10, 2019

How to Stay Focussed on Writing

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I recently found out that concentration pills are a thing and it both intrigued and shocked me. Obviously, I am no stranger to vitamins and there are definitely legal and non-harmful options out there that can help you focus. But the ones I read about were of the illegal kind and are in popular demand […]

January 28, 2019


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I’m convinced deadlines are called DEADlines because they end up killing you. That said, they serve a purpose and without them, we’d probably procrastinate ourselves into some black hole of cat memes. While drifting aimlessly in oblivion does sound like a hoot, we won’t get to achieve our dreams by doing nothing. That doesn’t make […]

December 21, 2018

One Genre or Multiple Genres?

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I am a mystery writer at heart. I love solving puzzles and murder is kind of my jam, even if it would totally freak me out in real life. It still took me a while to figure out if that’s the genre I want to write in. The kind of novels I usually read as […]

December 16, 2018