Poised to Quill (Maggie’s Murder Mysteries #2)

It is summer in the picturesque village of Castlefield. It is a time for eating ice creams in the shade, summer dresses, turning red as a lobster after five seconds outside, and murder. The only homicidal maniac in the village is supposed to be Pandora the chicken, but she has competition.

After Maggie Matthews organises readings from fellow mystery authors during the Summer Festival, one ends up with a fountain pen in his chest. There are plenty of suspects and clues, but not enough evidence. Maggie is eager to join forces with Alistair, the loca

l detective, so she can spend time with him. She’ll also have the help of her favourite fictional detective, but will it be enough to catch a killer who enjoys playing games?

Morgan W. Silver

Looking for a Great Book to Read? Look No Further!

When Clara arrives in the picturesque village of Greystone to work as a maid, things are about to get nasty. And not just because she’s decided to open the door to her past and pull off one more con. This con is different, though. It’s personal. She just doesn’t realise how personal, yet. Because she’s about to make friends, she’s about to care, and worst of all, she can’t stop thinking about that charming detective who seems both suspicious and drawn to her. This might become a mess she won't be able to clean up. But things get messier when someone ends up dead. Her street smarts come in handy, though, and she’s about to find out she’s maid for murder.

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