Prelude to Poison (Maggie’s Murder Mysteries #1)

Maggie happily spends time with fictional people, whether it is in her book store or behind her laptop. She’s about to take a leaf out of one of her own detective books, however, when she finds a dead body. Even if the hotel she finds him in is known for being cursed, it soon becomes clear he was poisoned. The cobbled streets of Castlefield are not safe, and not just because there is an evil chicken that attacks people or because Maggie’s aunt Nancy wields household objects like weapons. People are scared and they turn to

Maggie for help.

Writing about mysteries is easier than solving one, Maggie finds out, especially when ghost hunters believe a ghost is haunting the hotel. With people ready to blame a ghost and few clues about a human killer, it’s up to Maggie to team up with her fictional detective, as well as a very real one, and use every trick in the book to catch this clever killer.


Morgan W. Silver

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Claire is sick of being a Minor Character. She despises the fact that the most exciting thing that’s happened to her in four long years has been answering a phone. She wants her own story, she wants more lines, and most of all, she wants adventure. Even if that means killing her Main Character. Unfortunately, only the Author has the power to kill Characters, but Claire will not be deterred by logic and facts. Then, even though it’s not supposed to be possible, someone is murdered in Character Central. It causes a widespread panic worse than the time they had a lemon shortage. After all, only the Author should have the ability to kill a Character. With the threat of multiple victims as well as Erasure for all Characters, Claire must team up with the Main Character she wants to bring down. If all else fails, she may even have to take it up with the Author.

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