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Write, But Don’t Forget To Live

As a writer I have many goals, but that doesn’t mean Life won’t sneak up behind me and give me a high five. In my face. With a chair. It’s inevitable that I get swept up in my stories, but that’s the same for my day job. I’m an English teacher and I like what I do, but it’s a lot of work. After a long day, it’s a relief to not have to think, and sometimes writing requires thinking. I always say that writers don’t have to write everyday, but still, when I haven’t typed away on my laptop for a day, I feel my soul dying a little bit. It’s probably guilt and not actually my soul dying, but I’m a writer and this is more poetic.

Pressure Makes Diamonds

It’s a known phrase and very accurately describes the process of magically turning into a diamond after experiencing and surviving loads of pressure. Metaphorically speaking, of course. The thing is that pressure can be good. In fact, some people only thrive on pressure. It’s a motivator. It’s your muse holding a gun to your head so you’ll write. A certain amount of stress can therefore be beneficial. It allows you to rise to the occasion. However, this varies from person to person and too much of this pressure can paralyse you and nobody wants a paralysed writer. Their stories will continue to build up in their heads and they will explode into kittens at some point.

Life Experience

I’m high sensitive and it allows me to be empathetic. I can easily put myself in anyone’s shoes, which is a great characteristic for someone who writes. Regardless, having a life and NOT writing (blasphemy, I know) creates experiences and experiences create fuel for your inky endeavours and that makes for a happy writer. I may suck at maths, but I can add two and two together. Also, having fun makes for a happy writer too, whether it’s fuel for writing or not. Being relaxed and happy always helps me get ready for an afternoon of writing.

It’s All About Balance

Find out what works for you. Only you know how busy you are and what your best writing moments are. It doesn’t make you a bad writer if you write whenever it’s convenient for you. If I didn’t have a job I could write every day. Right now, I can’t always do that and sometimes I don’t want to do that. *gasp* Yes, as a writer, I do not always want to write. I love writing, it’s my addiction and passion, but I’m not less of a writer for not wanting to write 24/7.

Error, Error

Bottom line (yes, I said bottom, don’t giggle!) is that we’re human. We’re not machines and our brain needs to recharge, even from our fictional woes. We’re writers, because we write. It doesn’t matter how often that is. Our stories need us to be our best selves. We can’t do that if we’re forcing the ink to flow from our fingertips. That just hurts. Give yourself a break by giving yourself a break. Write a little, live a litte. Together it makes a lot of happy you. See, I can still do maths. Sort of.

What have you found to be your best writing schedule? Please share!

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