Finding Your Beta-Readers

Or as I like to call them: Ninja readers. Every writer, no matter how good or bad NEEDS these unmasked heroes. Why? Because feedback makes you a better writer. Yes, ninja readers are amazing. Get yours today! If you call now, you get one more beta-reader FREE. No, unfortunately it doesn’t work like that. How does it work, then?

A good place to start is by tweeting. If you’re good at communicating like a bird, you are probably part of the writing community already and if not, that’s easy enough to do by following other writers or using and checking out hashtags related to writing and READING. Don’t forget that last one. Writers make for excellent readers, but readers also make for excellent readers. If you’re going to tweet about it, make sure you mention the genre and what your novel is about, so that you get the right audience. You don’t want someone reading your horror story when they hate horror.

Next is a wonderful website called Critique Circle where you can post snippets of your novel but also have to provide feedback to others. It’s a great way to hone your critical eye and make connections with other readers/writers. You can communicate with messages so if someone really wants to read more of your story, BAM, you’ve got yourself a ninja reader.

Last but not least, your website or blog is a great place to summon your ninja readers. People will already know you and your writing and if they’re following your blog or regularly check out your website, it means they’re already interested. You could, for example, post a paragraph (a good one, obviously) or even the first chapter and ask for ninja readers to message you if interested.
Just remember that it’s important to stay open-minded with feedback, but go with what you believe serves your story best. After all, feedback is not about who is ‘right’, it’s about the story.

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