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The Importance Of A Writing Community

Picture a writer and you may envision a person in their PJs with disheveled hair and wild eyes, hunched in front of their laptop. Their only companion is their cup of coffee or tea and don’t you even dare go near that writer, because they will bite your head off now that they’re in a good paragraph. Writers are people who spend time in their head. Sure, there may be fictional characters, but that’s it. Or is it? A writer may never see sunlight again, but that doesn’t mean writing is a lonely profession.

We Have A Crew

They may not have our backs at an actual fight, but they will do so in a virtual one. Not only that, they UNDERSTAND all the quirky writing problems, like dashing out of the shower because you quickly have to write down an idea (avert your eyes, cat!) or mumbling to yourself as you figure out a plot hole…in a crowded bus. Other people may raise their eyebrows at you and tweet about it, fellow writers UNDERSTAND. They can also relate to those amazing moments, like when your novel comes together like a puzzle or someone compliments your writing and you explode into confetti. Other people might be like: “Yeah, okay. Cool.” Whereas your writing friends will be like: *also explode into confetti* and that’s darn amazing.

We Have A Support System

The writing community is all about support. Whether you’re published, self-published, or still a writer (as opposed to an author), support is being sprinkled around like chocolate sprinkles. When you’re in a pickle or a jam–and yes, I’m a foodie–these people will offer advice. I’ve had writer friends that have brainstormed with me, or have read a query letter and given feedback. As well as feedback on chapters. A writer’s mind works differently than that from a Normal Person, so these are things you can’t ask from someone who isn’t in the same paper boat. Writers, therefore, also make for great beta readers.

For me the writing community is mostly on Twitter, because that’s where I spend most of my time, but really it’s anywhere that writers come together. What’s your favourite place? And how have you experienced being part of the writing community?

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