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The Importance Of Staying True To Yourself As A Writer

Every person is different, therefore so is every writer. We like what we like, we think what we think. It’s up to you if you write what you know, or what you want to know. Personally, I write about both. I write what I already know about, but I also write to explore. When my characters go on a journey, I like to go with them. Which is why I always write with snacks.

Writing Is Sharing

When you write, you put a part of yourself on paper. Letting other people read your stuff is an act of pure bravery. Writing with your heart is a good thing, what’s the point otherwise? Why bother writing something that you don’t care about. If you don’t care, neither will the reader. Also, ask yourself why you write. I doubt it’s just because it’s fun. It’s probably also because you have something to say, even if it’s not obvious.

Writing is difficult enough as it is, but it’s even more so if you write something that anybody can write. Write what only you can write and put your heart out there, along with your characters. It may be scary, but with something as personal as writing, you decide what to write. It’s your write right. 😉

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[…] I’m about to query my cosy mystery and am very passionate about it. My characters are quirky, there’s a cute village in which the people support each other and are also equally quirky, and there’s romance and murder. I’d really like that to be my first novel I publish and would like to be known as a mystery writer, even if maybe some day I’ll also write mysteries that are urban fantasy or magical realism. It is also why I look for agents who represent not just mysteries. You never know. Regardless, there are pen names that can be… Read more »

Morgan W. Silver

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Claire is sick of being a Minor Character. She despises the fact that the most exciting thing that’s happened to her in four long years has been answering a phone. She wants her own story, she wants more lines, and most of all, she wants adventure. Even if that means killing her Main Character. Unfortunately, only the Author has the power to kill Characters, but Claire will not be deterred by logic and facts. Then, even though it’s not supposed to be possible, someone is murdered in Character Central. It causes a widespread panic worse than the time they had a lemon shortage. After all, only the Author should have the ability to kill a Character. With the threat of multiple victims as well as Erasure for all Characters, Claire must team up with the Main Character she wants to bring down. If all else fails, she may even have to take it up with the Author.

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