Writing Prompts: Magic

Everybody can use a dash of magic in their lives, especially if shenanigans follow. So why not throw a character into a pool of magical mayhem and see if they can swim to the other side. Have fun.

#1 Your character stumbled upon a coffee shop that she has never seen before, though it is right on her way to work. She decides to opt for a nice, healthy smoothie that a stranger buys for her. It’s not just any smoothie, it allows your character to have a magical ability. Write the scene where your character discovers this.

#2 Your character adopts a stray cat with two different eye colours and a rebellious streak. It is also very cuddly. There’s also something very special about it that makes you question your sanity. What is it? Write the scene where your character discovers this special trait.

#3 Your character finds a magic wand. It just so happens to be right before a very daunting job interview for his dream job. The thing is: when he uses it, the original owner will know where the wand is. And will want to come get it. What happens?

#4 Your character casts a spell, without realising it will actually work. Now that she does, the power goes straight to her head. How could it not? All her life she felt like she had no control over it, and now she finally has. There is, however, someone who wants to give her a reality check.

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