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5 Things A Writer Needs

Writing can be a dangerous endeavour. Havoc, despair, mayhem and all such things can and will be present during the writing process. Don’t get me started on the characters. It probably doesn’t help that I usually give them weapons.

Before embarking on the next novel, one should definitely take into consideration what to bring on that journey. Especially since we are very aware that it will not be smooth sailing. That would be boring. I might as well write a diary if I wanted that. Just the thought of that makes me want to take a nap.

So, checklist.

  1. SPACE. And not the kind that you have to suit up, or board a rocket ship for. Every writer, before starting, needs their space. Whether it’s a bed, a desk, a Starbucks, or on the back of a gloomy whale. Whatever it may be, it’s your territory. Feel free to pee on it to mark it. 
  2. LAPTOP. Or anything you use to write with. Pen, paper, the blood of a unicorn, it’s all good. Perhaps all of the above, and that’s also okay. What works for one scene, might not work for another. Just get those words rolling.
  3. SNACKS. Because without them you will undoubtedly murder anyone who dares disturb you in your process. Trust me, snacks are your friends.
  4. MUSIC. Find a soundtrack that works for your novel and let it fill your soul. Even if it is music that you hate, make sure your characters love it. The point is that they dance, you simply write it down. But you can dance a little. Just don’t let your characters see you.
  5. TIME. The elusive mistress that likes to show us who’s boss. It would be nice if we could control her and stop the world around us so that it might appear to the outside world that we’ve written a novel in like ten minutes (like the Sims do), but that’s not likely to happen. So embrace her, work with her and occasionally talk trash behind her back, if that helps. And don’t forget to enjoy the process. You’re writing a novel. Yay.





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Thanks for the terrific manual

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With thanks! Valuable information!

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