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Four Types of Writers: Which one are you?

Please be advised that this post was actually written by my potted plant Gary. He is not the best speller in the world, but it doesn’t matter. He’s listed four kinds of writers for your amusement. Which one are you?

The Diligent Writer

You are a very focussed writer. You plan and plot every aspect of your writing and you know how to make use of your strengths and weaknesses. You are always professional and can’t imagine writing anywhere but in your perfectly organised office that nobody but you is allowed to enter. It is sacred ground. If there ever is a fire, even that can’t distract you from your writing. Props. But, like, also don’t die in a fire.

The Free-spirited Writer

You write when you feel like it and believe writing to be a creative art that cannot be forced. You are also highly creative and the muse can strike you at any moment. In the shower, when you’re half asleep, at an important meeting, when diffusing a bomb. It is always a surprise, but when it happens, you have to write IMMEDIATELY. You work in creative bursts as opposed to writing regularly and keeping a schedule. You can easily lose your interest in a story and move on to something new and shiny. You have a lot of unfinished works.

The Complaining Writer

You complain a lot on social media about how difficult writing is, but you are actually quite good at reaching your goals. Sometimes you can be slow to start and you may have the occasional slip-up, but overall you keep your head down and get stuff done. Your characters don’t understand why you complain, but perhaps they do their best for you because you do.

The Anxious Writer

You can become crippled by self-doubt and you are afraid of failure. This makes it hard for you to begin writing. And keep writing. And finish writing. You have a lot of ideas, but you just need to sit down and let the words out to play. No first draft is perfect, but you feel like it has to be.



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